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Cyprus Health Screening

Health Check

IT inventory at the institution is issued. All servers (Windows Server, DNS, Active Directory, Exchange etc.), security products, network devices are thoroughly scanned for health. This process can be implemented to include one or more technologies. Performance problems and vulnerabilities that are likely to occur in the systems, services, and components of the infrastructure are examined. Business continuity analysis is done. All test results, points determined to pose security risks are reported in detail.

This service may include all IT operations, but only one technology, cost and licensing status, or maintenance and support processes. IT managers can predict the future needs of the institution and plan their investments at the end of the health screening service.

Up-to-date IT computing inventory is created with the health screening service.

What is the purpose of the health screening service?

To learn the status of a technical component or an entire infrastructure

Checking the status of the system after the project

To analyze the current situation in detail before new projects

To have detailed information in areas such as performance, configuration, security, business continuity and capacity

What are the benefits of the health screening service?

Optimizing IT costs and reducing total cost of ownership

See the current overall picture of the IT infrastructure and what it should be in the future

Understanding if technical components match business needs

Verifying hardware and license investments

Planning the right IT capacity for business needs

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Cyprus IT Consulting

Institutional Analysis

In the institutional analysis process, information processing organization chart, job descriptions, IT regulations and instructions are examined. It is compared to the current operation. Missing and excess points are reported.

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According to the analysis, budgeted / budgeted solutions are presented with their risks. Even if the investment proposals are not accepted, the highest level of improvement of the system is provided according to the possibilities available. According to this;

Many products such as Windows Server, DNS, Active Directory, and their sub-services are controlled from a security perspective. In line with the identified deficiencies and needs, necessary corrections are made, possible gaps are closed and reported.

The wired wireless network infrastructure is analyzed and improvements are made from backup, security, business continuity, performance and documentation perspectives in line with the needs that arise, and optimum use of the investment is ensured.

Advanced Group Policy Design: The current state of the Group Policy structure, which greatly facilitates the user and client management of system administrators, but is not used efficiently in many institutions, is examined and analyzed. Group Policy objects are structured, updated, optimized and documented according to the organization's needs and structure.

Backup and Restore Process Design: For each of the many services used in the infrastructure, current backup, continuity and restore needs are determined and scenarios are created. These scenarios, how to use them, their effects on infrastructure, necessary objects and settings are documented in detail. Details of the work done are transferred to system administrators.

Business Continuity Practices: Business continuity scenarios for services and components are applied to the services and components in the face of disaster scenarios that are likely to be experienced, taking into account the services, components, technologies and needs that are in the infrastructure of the organization, and their use is transferred to the institution through the on-the-job-training model.


IT organization chart of the institution is drawn. Job description of relevant personnel is created. Regulations are developed for all information processing processes. All Domain and authorization structures are created. Disaster, backup and security plans are developed.


All IT infrastructures and systems are checked periodically. It is ensured that all end-user problems are recorded with the click system. In addition, monitoring applications are used to measure network continuity. In addition, IT personnel are inspected.


All processes, documentation, needs analyzes are renewed at certain periods and the information and communication technologies needs of the institution are determined and reported.

giving opinion

Opinions are provided to the subjects needed by the IT staff and / or the management of the institution.

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