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About Us

Cyprus Digital became operational in 2020 in Famagusta. The service area of the business, which is implemented by entrepreneurs, is quite wide. It has an expert staff that closely follows technology and innovations in digital transformation processes. Cyprus Digital team has developed projects for many large businesses in Northern Cyprus. This team includes people who specialize in web design, software, computing, digital marketing, graphic design. Cyprus Digital team, which has managerial experience in researchers and large companies, pays great attention to their personal development.

Cyprus Digital mobile compatible websitesdevelops mobile applications, e-commerce sites, software, provides domain & hosting services, and also carries out maintenance and repair work on the sites it develops. Digital marketing Consulting companies within the scope of the company, social media management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords (Ads) installation, e-mailing and re-marketing services. It responds to companies' corporate identity development, logo studies, graphic design and advertising needs. At the same time, Cyprus Digital, which provides services in the field of Information Technologies, provides Information Technology Consultancy, infrastructure installation services, vulnerability and penetration testing, technical support and Cloud Computing services. In addition, the company providing solutions for tourism facilities provides hotel management systems, ERP applications and training services.

Cyprus aims to increase productivity and profitability by guiding digital companies in digital journeys. It is obvious that companies aiming to grow in the current era need to improve their digital infrastructure. In this context, companies that cannot be digitalized are doomed to disappear. It has all the competencies needed to guide companies towards digitizing processes, leaving traditional methods. Meet Cyprus Digital to increase efficiency, digital marketing, profitability and create brand awareness with its information processing infrastructures.

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Vision, Mission and Values


While collecting happy business partners, not customers, to follow new trends in Digital Technologies regularly and to always stay up to date.


To provide a service that is high quality and continuity, not periodic, where user experience is prioritized with precision.


A perfectionist perspective in every project where all processes are clearly stated within the framework of transparency by prioritizing data and information security.

Our Business Partners

Cyprus Digital is growing with its business partners.

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