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Your Questions About Cyprus Digital

It provides many services related to the digital world with its strong team of experts in the digital field of Cyprus.

Where does Cyprus Digital serve?

Cyprus Digital operates in the technology development region in North Cyprus Famagusta. Cyprus Digital has no limit in providing services. You can get service independent of location.

What does digital marketing consultancy cover?

Digital marketing consultancy is a process that starts with the logo design that leads a company to meet the virtual world and reaches to the top in search engines. Institutions that receive digital marketing consultancy services are provided with a comprehensive service such as social media management, content marketing, seo, re-marketing, google ads management.

How long does digital marketing work take?

Digital marketing is an ongoing and changing process. If your keyword that ranks first at the end of the studies does not continue, it may go down to some places. Because the parameters of search engines constantly change.

The website is designed in few days.

Website design processes vary between 10 days and 1 month depending on your requests and ready content.

Where is your office?

The office of Kıbrıs Dijital is located in the Technology Development Center located on the campus of Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, North Cyprus.

Why Cyprus Digital?

Kıbrıs Digital serves with a point of view that takes part in continuous R&D projects, which takes care to improve and update itself. For this reason, the services provided are always carried out with the latest technologies. With its perfectionist structure, each project approaches with a different motivation.

How are the fees determined?

Cyprus Digital team develops solutions after listening to your requests. Price is determined according to the time allocated to the project. Therefore, the price of each project may differ.

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